Chalk+Clay Paint: Quart - 32 oz- Containers

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Thiese are the colors that are available in quart containers.  Not  all colors come in the 32 oz size.  Some aare only available in the half liter (16.9 oz) size. 
All natural chalk+clay, water-based paint
Seal for best protection


  • Our paints are thick, creamy, and very pigmented. Stir well before use. If desired, decant paint into a smaller container and add water before use. Refrain from adding water directly to can or painting out of the can, as this can contaminate the paint.
  • Dover White Wash is a pigment-free, translucent paint base. It is used for white washing, creating an aged barn wood look, or creating a custom color.
  • Yellow pigments are naturally more translucent than other colors. They will often take additional coats, unless painting over a light color or you base coat your piece in white or gray.
  • Complete instruction found HERE.