Endurance Top Coat

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16.9 fl oz
Water-based topcoat
Complete instruction found in our How to Use Guide.


Endurance is our most-durable, brush-on sealer. It is a tough non-yellowing polyurethane-like finish, recommended for cabinetry, tabletops, and anywhere else you want a superior finish.

  • Stir the contents well to incorporate the solids that have settled to the bottom. DO NOT SHAKE CAN.
  • Apply a very thin, even coat over CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paint that has been dry for at least 2-4 hours. We recommend a water dampened, thin, synthetic brush for best application.
  • Remove any pooling of product or finish may turn milky. (If you are getting a milky finish, you are applying too much.)
  • Allow to dry for at least 2 hours between coats.
  • Light sanding between every other coat will give smoother final surface. Use a 320 grit or higher sandpaper or brown craft paper folded into a pad.
  • Up to 6 coats may be applied for high use, especially on tabletops or cabinetry. We recommend a minimum of 2.
  • Hot pads and/or coasters are always recommended for use on any painted furniture for added protection.