Clear Glaze

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16.9 fl oz or 8 oz
Water-based glaze medium

CeCe Caldwell's Clear Glaze is tintable and transparent, often used to give depth to a piece. You can tint the Clear Glaze with our paint to achieve a variety of looks and techniques. Perhaps, you want a light wash over a color or make it appear aged?

To use Clear Glaze, allow your painted piece to dry completely. Apply a very thin coat of untinted Clear Glaze (or Satin Finish or Endurance) to your painted piece. This will give you a longer working time than using the tinted Glaze directly on the paint. Tint the Glaze with the color of your choice.

Common Glazes
Tea-Colored Glaze: Add small amount of Texas Tea to into Clear Glaze
Tobacco-Colored Glaze: Texas Tea and a touch of Vermont Slate
Black/Gray Glaze: Beckley Coal, depending on amount used

Apply the tinted Glaze to the piece. Depending on the look you want, you may concentrate the Glaze in decorative, detailed areas and outer areas. Or you if you want a generalized aged or washed look, apply it lightly over the entire piece.

Once the Glaze has dried well, apply a finishing product over the top to protect it (Waxing Cream, Endurance, Satin Finish).


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