Satin Finish

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16.9 fl oz or 8 oz.

A medium-duty brush on topcoat with a satin sheen.


  • Stir the contents well to incorporate the solids that have settled to the bottom. DO NOT SHAKE CAN.
  • Apply a very thin, even coat over CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay Paint that has been dry for at least 2-4 hours. We recommend a water dampened, thin, synthetic brush for best application.
  • Remove any pooling of product or finish may turn milky. (If you are getting a milky finish, you are applying too much.)
  • Allow to dry for at least 2 hours between coats. Light sanding between every other coat will give smoother final surface. Use a 320 grit or higher sandpaper or brown craft paper folded into a pad.
  • Up to 6 thin coats may be applied for high use, especially on tabletops or cabinetry. We recommend a minimum of 2.  (We recommend our Endurance finish for cabinetry and tabletops.)

Product does not yellow.  If you are ‘heavy-handy’ and getting a milky appearance, you may dilute with water up to 10%.  Stir product every 15-20 minutes during use to keep it properly incorporated.

Wax may be applied OVER Satin Finish for a hand-waxed feel, but is not mandatory.  For best results, if you want to apply Satin Finish over a previously waxed surface, wipe surface well with denatured alcohol prior to application.

Product may be applied in temperatures between 55-95 degrees F.   Re-Coat time is 2 hours.  Full cure time is 4 weeks.

To ensure continued freshness of product, decant needed amount of Satin Finish into smaller container prior to use. Wipe lid and container rim with fresh rag, to keep clean and make future opening and closing easier.  Store any left over decanted product separately in tightly covered container.